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Year, 1971
Sofretu and RATP bagan preliminary studies about Tehrans socio-economic and traffic condition forecast up to 1991
Year, 1974
Street - Metro proposal was tendered
The street-metro system recommended a road network with a loop express way in the central area and 2 highways for new urban areas and a 7-line metro network which were complemented by bus network and taxi services
Year, 1975
The law of Tehran Urban & Suburban Railway Company (Metro) establishment was ratified

Year, 1976
Metro construction studies and executive jobs were bagun

Years, 1980 - 86
(Metro construction was stopped due to imposed war (Iran - Iraq war

Year, 1995
Signing contract in order to provid E & M equipment for Lines 1, 2 and 5

Year, 1999
(Inauguration of Line 5 (from Tehran (Sadeghieh) to Karaj statio

Year, 2000
(Inauguration of Line 2 (from Tehran (Sadeghieh) to Imam Khomeini station

Year, 2001
(Inauguration of Line 1 (from Shahid Haghani to Ali Abad station

 Year, 2002
(Inauguration of Line 1 (from Shahid Haghani to Haram-e-Motahar station
Putting into operation of West Terminal
Year, 2003
 (Inauguration of Line 2 (from Imam Khomeini to Baharestan station
Year, 2004
(Putting into operation of Iran Khodro station (Line 5
(Inauguration of Line 5(from Karaj to Golshahr station

Year, 2005
(Putting into operation of Chitgar station (Line
(Putting into operation of Baghershahr station (Line 1
 Putting into operation of Fath abad Terminal
(Inauguration of Line 2 (from Baharestan to Daneshgah-e Elm-o San'at station

Year, 2006
(Putting into operation of Atmosfer station (Line 5
Tehran Urban and Suburban Railway Company established operation
Ticket special classes for the elderly, war veterans and the disabled under the supervision of the Welfare Organization

Year, 2007
(Putting into operation of Shahed station (Line
(Operating From Terminal East (Dardasht
(Enabling the use of credit ticket Extremist Metro Bus System (BRT

Year, 2008
(Operation of the line (4), between stations Shohada Square and Ferdowsi
(Operation of Garmdarreh stations on the line (5
Holding the first period photo contest "Metro and the people
Setup short message system (SMS) Tehran Metro Operation Company No. 30004277

Year, 2009
(Exploitation of the development of the northern line (1), Shahid Haqqani between stations and Gheytarieh
(Operation of the line (4), right between the station and the Meydan-e-Shohada of the Meydan-e-enghelab
(Launching traveler information system (PIS
Holding the second photo contest "Metro and the people

Year, 2010
(Operation of Sadr station (North of Line 1
(Exploitation of the development of the eastern line (2), between Tehranpars and Farhangsara
(Operation of the line (4), between the stations of Shohada Sq and Shahid Kolahdooz
Exploitation of Station MohammadShahr(Mahdasht) of line 5
 Exploitation of stations ValiAsr and Nabarad of Line 4
Holding the third period photo contest "Metro and the people
The exploitation of the western half (4) and opening stations Towhid and Meydan-e Azadi Square

Year, 2011
 (Exploitation of stations Sheykh-o-Raeis and Doctor Habib-o-llah of Line (4
(Operation of Kahrizak station, the southernmost station on the line (1
(Exploitation of stations Ostad Moein of Line (4
(Exploitation of stations Piroozi of Line (4

Year, 2012
Exploitation Of Shahid Beheshti Of Line 3
Exploitation Of Nirooye Havaei Of Line 4
 Exploitation Of Vali-Asr Of Line 4
Exploitation Of Shahrak-e-Ekbatan Of Line 4
Exploitation Of Eram-e-Sabz Of Line 4
Year, 2014
Exploitation Of Vali Asr Of Line 3
Exploitation Of Shahrak-e-Shari'ati Of Line 3
Exploitation Of Azadegan Of Line 3
Exploitation Of Javadiyeh Of Line 3
 Exploitation Of Rah Ahan Of Line 3
Exploitation Of Zamzam Of Line 3
Exploitation Of Moniriyeh Of Line 3

Year, 2015
 Exploitation Of AbdolAbad Of Line 3
Exploitation Of Jahad Sq Of Line 3
Exploitation Of meydan-e Valiasr Of Line 3
Exploitation Of Shahid Zeyn-e-ddin Of Line 3
Exploitation Of Nobonyad Of Line 3
Exploitation Of Ghaem Of Line 3

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