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Young Metro-Aids

 We are much more willing to act better when we are with children and young people!

·         Having influence in introduction to families the proper usage of metro services and on the observance of safety measures by passengers on the platform and subway stations.

·         Training passengers to observe safety measures, providing cultural messages, human training, sustainable interaction with subway passengers and the public, and guess what? All this through the Youth.

·         Advertising in holidays and occasions, creating family partnerships, increasing morality and reducing employee fatigues through children efforts.

METROYARAN-e JAVAN; literally means Young Metro-Aids, will expand with increasing number of metro stations in Tehran.

At the beginning, in January 2007, 60 young people, sons of the staff working in the Tehran Metro, had begun their team activities dressing professional uniforms! Now, their membership has been reached 300 people; 80 girls and 220 boys.  

Here below, a list of the activities that are strongly embraced by young kids and young people participating at METROYARAN-e JAVAN, while a wonderful close cooperation with Tehran Metro Operation Company’s staffs takes place during these activities:

1.  Considering the guide panel, warning signs and public address system warning

2.  Crossing on the right side of the staircase and gate

3. Keeping the passenger away from platform edge red line

4.  Informing the passengers of the danger of car doors blockade

5. Promotion of proper usage of escalators and elevators

6. Observing priority for elderly in subway system, including seats, escalators and elevators and etc.

7. It is the right of those who are exiting the trains when it reaches the station

8. Familiarity with a variety of available tickets and gates in order to guide metro's passengers

9.  Familiarity with the train movement time table

10. Distribution of brochures and forms during national and religious occasions in stations

11.  Call for public participation in competitions of Metroyaran-e Javan memories.

As a result, the offered 6000 hours services to passenger have been registered in Metroyaran-e Javan workbook during 2008-2009.

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