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Stored Value Cards:

-         Stored value cards are more suitable for the passengers who make repeated trips on irregular times.

-         Even if stored value cards are not used for a long time, the credit will remain valid for later use.

-         You can buy a stored value card and charge it for times. You should not discard the card when it has no remaining credit.

-         Each card is sold for 5,000 Rls. as ticket price. So please keep the cards and charge them to help us provide better services.

-         Metro stored value cards are also valid for use in buses network and each time the approved price will be deducted from its credit.

-         Using stored value cards enjoy 60% discount compared with single-trip tickets

-         Seasonal and stored value cards are like bank notes which should be kept with care. The damaged or missed tickets are not changed by Metro Company.

-         Even if the tickets are not used for a long time, their credits will remain valid.

-         These tickets have no time limit and their credits will be deducted only when used.

-         These tickets are refundable and their remaining price will be returned to the passenger if not damaged.

Magnetic Tickets:

Magnetic tickets are recommended for the passengers who make rare trips on irregular times.

       -        Magnetic tickets are the most expensive and the worst for travelling by metro.
       -        Magnetic tickets are not rechargeable and refundable.
       -        Magnetic tickets are not valid for use in buses network.    
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