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Safety instruction for passenger

1. Pay attention to safety announcements.
   2. Follow the safety boards and warning labels installed on the station.

3. Pay attention to direction signs.
4. While moving, keep to the right.
5. Never carry any flammable or explosive materials inside the station and train.
6. Do not bring pets inside.
7. Do not smoke.
8. Use fire extinguisher in emergencies.
9. Do not manipulate any equipment in the station and train.
10. In case of any problem, inform train operator or station staff.
11. When observing any suspicious behavior, inform train operator or station staff.
12. Hold children firmly on platform, stairs, and while using the escalator.
13. Do not run and walk on the escalator.
14. Hold the handrail while using the escalator.
15. Never put umbrella or stick on the escalator.
16. Take care about your covers when using the escalator.
17. Do not turn off the escalators but in an emergency.
18. Never use of elevators when occurring fire and smoke.
19. When using the elevators stand clear of the doors.
20. If the doors of the elevator do not open, use alarm button and wait.
21. Never hurry up to ride the train.
22. To ride the train, use all train doors.
23. Use Dustbins.
24. Never enter the tunnel and railway limits.
25. Do not cross the yellow line on the platform.
26. When entering and exiting the train, watch out for the gap.

27. First, let passengers get out of the train then get in.
28. Keep away when opening and closing the train doors.
29. Do not stop the train doors when they are closing.

30. Do not run at the platform.
31. When you need help, ask for help.
32. When falling any of your belongings in railway limits, ask staff to remove it.
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